Implants have revolutionized the way we practice dentistry! Patient’s who once had to wear removable dentures or who faced having perfectly healthy teeth dramatically shaved down for crown and bridgework, now have the option of using dental implants to firmly and comfortably replace their teeth. Just as building a house takes planning before you begin construction, implants require thought and preparation if an optimal result is to be achieved. Likewise, building a house typically requires the expertise of specialized workers such as masons, roofers, and carpenters. In his practice, Dr. Pellegrini has teamed his restorative skills with those of outstanding, nationally recognized surgeons and laboratory ceramist to assure that your final restorations are the finest possible.

One of the many steps that Dr. Pellegrini utilizes to make your implant teeth as cosmetically pleasing and functional as possible is by the fabrication of a temporary restoration that will function as a prototype for the final crown or bridge. Many dentists skip this vital step in order to speed up the treatment process. However, Dr. Pellegrini understands that the best way to develop healthy gum tissue that adapts to your new implant, is to make a temporary restoration first. In the photo below, notice how the gum tissue was “trained” to flare outward from the implant fixture so that the ceramic crown emerges with a natural and pleasing appearance.

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