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Pellegrini Family Dentistry, LLC
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27 Railroad Avenue; SUite 2
Duxbury, MA 02332


Pellegrini Family Dentistry, LLC focuses on preventative care for children and implant, cosmetic, and aesthetic rehabilitation for adults.

Cosmetic Dentistry

"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder."   - Plato

Every cosmetic dentist's challenge: Matching a single central incisor!  In the case above, we used a single porcelain laminate veneer on the right central incisor.


Restoring a smile can change someone’s life - not only aesthetically, but also by eliminating pain and discomfort.

Restoring a smile can change someone’s life - not only aesthetically, but also by eliminating pain and discomfort.

If you have ever wondered whether your smile could be improved through cosmetic dentistry, we would like to help you decide.  We will listen carefully to your concerns and we will help you to understand your options.  

Excellent communication  between the dentist, the patient, and the laboratory ceramist is essential in achieving the best cosmetic results.  A "common vision" must be clearly understood by all those involved.

At Pellegrini Family Dentistry we use the following to help plan and communicate cosmetic enhancements for your smile:

  • intraoral photographs of your teeth

  • before and after photos of previously treated smile makeovers for comparison and discussion

  • cosmetic imaging of your smile to see, in advance, the anticipated changes proposed

  • diagnostic wax-up (trial restorations done with wax on stone models of your teeth)

  • temporary restorations or "mock up" made on your teeth to see what a proposed smile makeover will actually look like in your mouth. (These "mock ups" are quick, painless, and easily removed before you leave our office.)

With over 30 years of experience, you can feel confident that Dr. Pellegrini is able to provide you with a cosmetic and functional result that you will appreciate and enjoy for years to come!

Two very different cases are shown below

Dramatic Change

In some instances,  the improvements made to enhance a smile may be obvious.

  • Six anterior crowns were used to restore this case.

Subtle Change

In other cases, achieving the desired result may involve more subtle alterations.  

In the photos to the right, the patient requested that the two front teeth be equal lengths, symmetrical, and shinier with color characterization and texture that matches the adjacent natural teeth.  

  • Two porcelain laminate veneers were used to achieve the patient's expectations.



 27 Railroad Avenue; Suite 2

Duxbury, MA 02332


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